Steelkilt Documentation

Getting Started

For some ideas on how Steelkilt can help you write or publish (or both), please read How to Use Steelkilt.

Available Versions

Steelkilt is available for macOS and iOS/iPadOS.

You can work on your Steelkilt projects using either version of the app. Just save your project to iCloud Drive or any other file sharing service that is supported by macOS and iOS/iPadOS.


Be careful when sharing Projects between devices using cloud-based file-sharing services. A Project’s file package may contain several files. To avoid synchronization issues:

  • Always quit Steelkilt or close the Project when you stop work on a device
  • Do not work on a Project that has not been fully downloaded to your device


Documentation is available for both versions:


Differences between macOS and iOS/iPadOS

Compare macOS and iOS/iPadOS versions of Steelkilt