Compare Steelkilt Versions


Steelkilt is available for macOS and iOS.

Steelkilt Projects can be created, edited and shared by both versions of the app.

Support for Project content — such as Book structure, Book metadata, EPUB compilation settings, text and code — is identical in both versions of the app. Consequently, you have full control of your Project content wherever you choose to work.

Generally, features available in the iOS version of the app mirror those found in the macOS version — except where:

  • The feature is not compatible with the iOS user interface
  • Certain elements of the feature are not compatible with iOS services

Below is a table that lists the functional differences between the macOS and iOS versions of Steelkilt:

Multiple Books per Project
Open multiple Books
Project Navigator
Project Navigator drag and drop
Settings for Books, Parts, Documents and Chapters
Markdown processing in Text Editor
Markdown commands (Text Menu)
Autocompletion menu in Text Editor
Text Editor themes
Custom fonts allowed in Text Editor themes
Import plain text files
Keywords and Tags for Documents and Chapters
Annotations View
Annotations in Text Editor
Search Tool
Search Text, Tags and Keywords
Replace Text in one or more files
Search multiple Books
EPUB Code Generator
Code Navigator
Code Editor
Code Editor themes
Syntax highlighting in Code Editor
Autocompletion menu in Code Editor
Code commands (Code Menu)
Settings for Resources
Import Resources
Regenerate and revert commands
EPUB Error Scanner (and EPUB Content Problem repair)
EPUB export
PDF export
Text export
RTF export
HTML export