EPUB Error Scanner


Steelkilt includes a powerful EPUB Error Scanner that provides comprehensive EPUB-version-specific validation for your work.

The EPUB Error Scanner checks both the structure and content of your Resources.

When the EPUB Error Scanner finds a problem, Steelkilt will display the EPUB Content Problem List.

Checking Your Work

Running the EPUB Error Scanner can take some time, depending on the size and constitution of your Book’s content. For this reason, Steelkilt will not run the EPUB Error Scanner while you work.

To run the EPUB Error Scanner, tap the Check button on the tab bar and swipe the EPUB Content Problem List downward.

EPUB Content Problem List

The EPUB Content Problem List displays a list of EPUB Content Problems.

EPUB Content Problems are classified as either Errors (marked with a red dot) or Warnings (marked with an orange dot). These classifications are based on the severity of the problem according to the relevant EPUB specification.

For a complete list of the problems that the EPUB Error Scanner can find, read EPUB Content Problems.

Below is an explanation of the EPUB Content Problem List row detail labels:

TopA brief description of the problem.
BottomThe Book Setting (metadata) or XHTML/XML element that is causing the problem.

Fixing EPUB Content Problems

Tapping on an EPUB Content Problem will display further detail about the problem and options for fixing the problem.

Options for fixing EPUB Content Problems include:

  • Allow Steelkilt to fix the problem for you
  • Delete the Setting that is causing the problem
  • Enter a value for a required Setting, attribute or value
  • Choose from a list of values for a required Setting, attribute or value
  • Inspect the Setting or Resource that is causing the problem and fix the problem yourself

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