EPUB Navigation


Steelkilt automatically generates an EPUB Navigation Document for the XHTML rendition of your EPUB as part of EPUB Generation.

The EPUB Navigation Document is located at:


EPUB Navigation Document Structure and Contents

The EPUB Navigation Document has the following structure:

  • A <nav> element with an epub:type attribute set to “toc”
  • An <h1> element containing the Book title
  • An <ol> element containing <li> elements representing all top-level EPUB content resources, such as:
    • Documents
    • Chapters
    • Parts
  • For <li> elements representing Parts, the <li> will contain a child <ol> element that will list all Documents and Chapters within that Part
  • All readable EPUB content resources will be linked

The contents of the EPUB Navigation Document will depend on the following:

  • The structure of your work
  • Table of Contents options in Formatting settings
  • Include in Table of Contents options in Document and Chapter Settings
  • EPUB styling (CSS)

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