Steelkilt Projects


A Project is a file package with a STKP extension that contains one or more Books.

You can work on a Project using the macOS and iOS versions of Steelkilt; however, the iOS version of Steelkilt contains a subset of the macOS version’s features. To understand the difference between the macOS and iOS versions of Steelkilt, read Compare Steelkilt Versions.


Be careful when sharing Projects between devices using cloud-based file-sharing services. A Project’s file package may contain several files. To avoid synchronization issues:

  • Always quit Steelkilt or close the Project when you stop work on a device
  • Do not work on a Project that has not been fully downloaded to your device

Project Content

Generally, we recommend that a Project contain only one Book — especially if your Books contain numerous images or non-text renditions (such as SVG). Reasons for this include:

  • The Project file may become very large, which will make transfer and synchronization between your devices less efficient.
  • All Books in a Project are searched by default. To search a particular Book, you will need to change the search scope.
  • Filters have no scope.

A good reason for having multiple Books in a Project:

  • When Books in a series share common elements (such as characters, locations, and plot) you can use search to improve factual consistency etc.

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