Text Editor


The Steelkilt Text Editor allows you to do the following things:

  • Write and edit text
  • Use Markdown and HTML in your text
  • Easily distinguish Markdown and HTML code from text
  • Annotate text


Text Editor has features common to most text editors, but also includes some features found in developer tools:

  • XHTML and CSS syntax highlighting
  • Themes with adjustable fonts and color schemes (for background and syntax highlighting)

In Text Editor, the Project Navigator will give you access to the following:

  • Parts
  • Documents and Chapters

Text Editor Toolbar

The Text Editor toolbar includes the following buttons:

Document or Chapter Settings
Tools (such as Link Chooser or Image Chooser)
Change Text Editor appearance
Expand Text Editor to full screen (iPad only)

Distraction-free Writing

On iPhone, the Text Editor will fill the entire screen.

On iPad, you can tap the expand button to hide the Project Navigator.

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