The Steelkilt Interface


The Steelkilt interface is designed to streamline the writing-to-publication workflow.

The interface has numerous elements:

  • The Project Browser
  • The Books Collection view
  • The Application Toolbar (top)
  • The Navigator (the left pane)
  • The Content Area (the right pane)
  • Popovers (for Editor Settings, Appearance and Tools)
  • Dialogs (for Book, Part, Document, Chapter and Resource Settings, and Export)
  • The Navigator Toolbar (at the foot of the Navigator)
  • The Application Tab bar (bottom)

Some elements will be hidden when not needed.

Project Browser

The Project Browser will be the first thing that you see when you launch Steelkilt on your iPhone or iPad.

The Project Browser allows you to manage your Steelkilt Projects on your iPhone or iPad.

Books Collection

The Books Collection view will be the first thing that you see when you open a Steelkilt Project on your iPhone or iPad.

The Books Collection view allows you to manage the Books in your Steelkilt Project.

Tab Bar

The Tab bar contains five buttons, which allow you to do the following:

Switch to Text Editor
Switch to Annotations View
Switch to Search Tool
Switch to Code Editor
Switch to EPUB Content Problems (and scan for new problems)

Default View

The default view in Steelkilt is the Text Editor (with Project Navigator). In this view, you can:

  • Navigate your Project’s Documents, Chapters and Parts
  • Manipulate the structure of Books in your Project
  • View summary information for Books and Parts
  • Edit Documents and Chapters
  • Inspect Settings for Books, Parts, Documents and Chapters
  • Access EPUB Formatting options

When using Steelkilt on the iPhone, Project Navigator will function as the parent view for Text Editor. Click on a Document or Chapter to open Text Editor.

Four other views are available:

  • Annotations View
  • Search Tool
  • Code Editor
  • EPUB Content Problems

You can switch between these views using buttons on the Tab bar.

Switching between views will change the content and functionality of the Navigator:

  • Annotations View provides a list of Annotations
  • Search Tool provides controls for searching and search results
  • In Code Editor, the Code Navigator will be available
  • EPUB Content Problems provides a list of EPUB Content Problems (if any)

Distraction-Free Writing

When editing text or code on iPad, the Navigator (left pane) is optional. Use the button on the toolbar to collapse this portion of the Steelkilt user interface, if required.

Settings Dialogs

Steelkilt provides comprehensive dialogs to manage Settings for Books, Parts, Documents, Chapters and Resources.

Inspector Popovers

Inspector popovers provide information about Templates, Foundation Code and Default Resources:

Tool Popovers

Popovers are available for context-specific tools and commands.

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