Working with Annotations


Annotations can be added to any text that appears in Text Editor, including Markdown directives and HTML tags.


Annotations can be hidden. If you edit text when Annotations are hidden, you may inadvertently change or delete some Annotations.

Annotation Styles

You can choose from the following Annotation styles:

  • Yellow highlight
  • Green highlight
  • Blue highlight
  • Pink highlight
  • Purple highlight
  • Red underline

Annotating Text

To annotate text:

  • Select the text
  • Tap the selected text
  • Choose Highlight from the menu


If you annotate text that is already annotated, the old Annotation will be merged with the new Annotation.

Accessing Annotation Properties

You can access Annotation properties via the menu that appears when you tap on annotated text.

Changing Annotations

You can change Annotations in the following ways:

  • Change Annotation style
  • Add, edit or delete Annotation notes
  • Change the text associated with an Annotation

To change an Annotation’s style:

  • Tap an Annotation in Text Editor
  • Choose Colors from the menu
  • Choose a color from the menu

To add notes to an Annotation:

  • Tap an Annotation and choose Note from the menu
  • The Annotation Note Editor will appear
  • Add or edit the Annotation’s notes, as required

Deleting Annotations

To delete an Annotation:

  • Tap on some annotated text
  • Choose Delete from the menu

You can also delete Annotations by deleting the text to which the Annotation is attached.

Hiding Annotations

Annotations are visible by default. However, you can hide Annotations from view by:

  • Opening the Editor Preferences in Project Navigator
  • Switching Show Annotations to off

To show Annotations again:

  • Open the Editor Preferences in Project Navigator
  • Switch Show Annotations to on

Switching to Annotations View will also make Annotations visible if they are hidden.

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