Image Chooser


The Image Chooser is available in Text Editor for all Documents and Chapters.

When the Inspector shows Document and Chapter Settings, two icons will be visible above the settings:

Opens Document and Chapter Settings
Opens Image Chooser

To activate Image Chooser, click on the Image Chooser icon above Document and Chapter Settings.

You can use images in your Steelkilt Project in the following ways:

  • Add a Book cover image
  • Add a Part title page image
  • Drag images from other applications into Text Editor
  • Import images for use as EPUB Content Resources using Code Editor

Images that are added to Steelkilt via Book Settings, Part Settings or drag-and-drop into Text Editor are all saved to the Images folder of the XHTML rendition of your EPUB — which is only accessible via Code Editor.

However, most people will use Text Editor to write and edit text.

The Image Chooser provides a convenient way for you to access the images in your Steelkilt Project from within Text Editor.

You can also:

  • Add images to your Project from within the Text Editor (and automatically save those images to the Images folder of the XHTML rendition of your EPUB)
  • Drag images from the Image Chooser into your text

Adding Images to Image Chooser

All images in the folder hierarchy associated with your EPUB will be listed in Image Chooser.

To add an image to Image Chooser, click the plus (➕) icon on the left-hand side of the Filter and select an image.

Browsing Images

When viewing long lists of images in Image Chooser, use Filters to find the image you want.

Deleting Images

You cannot delete images from within Image Chooser. If you want to delete an image:

  • Open Code Editor
  • Locate the image in Code Editor
  • Select the image and use the available Delete commands

Adding Images to Text

To add images appearing in Image Chooser to your text:

  • Set Use Links, if necessary:
    • Checked: dropped images will be converted into Markdown Image directives or <img> elements (depending on whether Use Markdown is enabled in Document and Chapter Settings)
    • Unchecked: dropped images will be shown as images in text
  • Drag the image from Image Chooser into your text

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