Project Navigator


The Project Navigator provides a hierarchical outline of the following in your Project:

  • Books
  • Parts
  • Documents and Chapters

The Project Navigator is a virtual table of contents. When a Book is exported, the hierarchy shown in the Project Navigator will be reflected in the exported table of contents (subject to table-of-contents exclusions, such as Documents and Chapters marked as not requiring a table of contents entry).

Working with Project Navigator

Manipulating the contents of the Project Navigator is easy. Simply drag and drop items to:

  • Reorder Parts, Documents and Chapters
  • Move Documents and Chapters in and out of Parts
  • Move Documents, Chapters and Parts between Books

You can even import external plain-text documents by dragging them into the Project Navigator.

When writing, you can drag a Part, Document or Chapter from the Project Navigator into your text to create a link to the dragged item.

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