Resources are used in Code Editor to represent the following:

  • Folders
  • Templates
  • Extensions
  • XML Documents (such as container.xml)
  • Book title pages
  • Part title pages
  • Documents and Chapters
  • Images
  • Stylesheets (CSS documents)
  • XHTML Documents
  • Anything that you import which is not an XML document, an XHTML document, a CSS document, or an image.

Book title pages, Part title pages, Documents and Chapters are represented by automatically generated XHTML documents.

Working with Resources

Selecting a Resource will do different things, depending on the Resource’s type:

  • Text-based Resources (such as XML, CSS, and XHTML documents) will load the document into the editor for editing
  • Images will be displayed in a read-only image view
  • Folders will display their contents as a collection and previews will be made available for any text-based Resources
  • For all other resources, a “No Viewer is Available” message will be displayed. For these Resources, only Settings will be editable.

Resource Locking

Editing any automatically generated Resource will lock the Resource and exclude it from any subsequent EPUB Code Generation.

Read Templates, Foundation Code and Default Resources for more information on Resource locking.

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