Text Editor


The Steelkilt Text Editor allows you to do the following things:

  • Write and edit text
  • Use Markdown and HTML in your text
  • Easily distinguish Markdown and HTML code from text
  • Annotate text


Text Editor has features common to most text editors, but also includes some features found in developer tools:

  • Markdown-related menu commands (Text Menu)
  • Menu commands for indenting and commenting code (Code Menu)
  • XHTML and CSS syntax highlighting
  • Themes with adjustable fonts and color schemes (for background and syntax highlighting)
  • Context-sensitive code autocompletion and assistance with Markdown links

In Text Editor, the Project Navigator will give you access to the following:

  • Books
  • Parts
  • Documents and Chapters

Context-Sensitive Code Autocompletion

Text Editor will help you write code. Whenever you start typing, Text Editor will analyze what you have typed and the characters surrounding the cursor. Where possible, Steelkilt with present a menu containing context-sensitive suggestions.

In Text Editor, these suggestions may include:

  • HTML tags, attributes and values
  • Markdown links for Documents, Chapters, Parts and Images

To navigate the menu, scroll with your mouse or press up/down keys as required. Continue typing to narrow the list of suggestions. Click on an entry or press enter to accept the suggestion.

You can also launch the menu before you type any characters. Simply press the ESC key. If Steelkilt can suggest something, the menu will appear.

Distraction-free Writing

You can do the following to expand Text Editor so that it fills the entire screen:

  • Collapse the Project Navigator and Inspector
  • Put Steelkilt into full-screen mode

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