Using Parts for Volumes etc.


Parts in Steelkilt are just folders in which you can put collections of Documents and Chapters.

To use Parts for another kind of logical grouping of Documents and Chapters, you could do the following:

  • Open Formatting and choose the Parts tab
  • Check the Prefix numbers with the word “Part” option in the Numbering in TOC and Title Page section of the Formatting options
  • Edit your EPUB’s Navigation Document (Package/XHTML/nav.xhtml) and replace all human-readable references to the word “Part” with “Volume”
  • Edit all XHTML Resources that represent Parts in your Book. Replace all human-readable references to the word “Part” with “Volume”


  1. The above example will convert Parts into Volumes. Substitute the word “Volume” for the name of another kind of grouping, if required.
  2. In XHTML code, human-readable text is the text that is wrapped in tags. In the above procedure, such tags will include:
    • <a> (for nav.xhtml)
    • <title> and <h2> (for Part title pages)
  3. Take care not to edit the href attribute of any <a> tags. Doing so will break the links and result in EPUB Compilation Problems.

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